The Haro Wine Battle
June 29, 2016

Batalla VinoHOP

What is this Festival, which is also known as “La Batalla del Vino”?

This wine battle, celebrating the Patron Saint of San Pedro, is a rites of passage tradition dating back to the 12th Century, it started with pilgrimages between the town of Haro and its neighboring village of Miranda de Ebro, which became increasingly more popular and festive. This tradition, embracing a mixture of both Pagan and Christian religious symbolism, makes use of their abundance local produce – wine.  What began as the baptism of children with wine, later developed into what it is today an extraordinary baptism of sorts, where villagers get together in the fields of haro on the 29th of June every year and get ‘blessfully’ soaked to the skin  in wine.   This is how Christian and Pagan worship and festivities were united forever in Haro.   The Contemporary Art Museum of Haro “El Torreón displays a fantastic exhibition reflecting the importance of wine in the region.

What happens?

The battle of wine begins with participants dressed in freshly washed and ironed white pants and shirts.  They are equipped to the hilt with wine as ammunition: wine in bottles, jugs, pails, water pistols, hoses …anything you can think of. The amusement (also known as La Batalla) begins after a chant and a hymn and then all is transformed from a sparkling white to a glittering pink.

Is bathing in wine for a few hours really fun?

Yes! The wine fight war is declared on everyone you see. You can splash and be splashed by more than 100,000 liters of red wine. Become a local among the villagers and join in on the fun, the laughs, and the singing under showers of wine. After the wine battle, you go out for a typical Rioja brunch with the locals. What better way to spend the day – exploring, discovering and participating in a tradition that goes way back in time, a unique cultural experience.

Batalla VinoHOP2

When and where is the Haro Wine Battle?

Where: Haro, Rioja
When:  June 29, 2016

Who will our guides be?

Be part of the festival with the locals! Who better to give you the full experience than with those who know the event and have been going to, and living it, for years.

How do I sign up for the Haro Wine Battle?

You can book on your own as an individual or as a group. The festival lasts all day long, but the optimal length of visit is around 5 hours, more than enough time to do it all!!

How long does the Haro Wine Battle last?

5 hours aprox. The festival lasts all day long, but let’s say that the optimal visit is around 5 hours, more than enough time to do it all!!


(minimum & maximum): 8 – 23 visitors

Price per person:


The price includes:

Bus transfer from Haro to the battlefields and return to Haro, your guide, brunch, and, of course a very good battle kit (including wine and water pistols). You need to come in white clothing (and bring an extra set of clothing and a towel to change into).


Get ready; set, Go! …Heart of Pamplona wants to invite you to enjoy this crazy fiesta in La Rioja – The Haro Wine Battle – where wine is too abundant for words!