Writer Bill Hillmann comes to Heart of Pamplona

In June 2016, writer Bill Hillmann of the San Fermin Festival novel ‘Mozos’, came to Pamplona to commence his 101 bull  run challenge through our region of Spain. By September, he managed to double his goal and spent an intense three months travelling through little towns and cities of northern and central Spain to do what he loves most – run with the bulls. Bill used Heart of Pamplona as his home away from home base and visited a great deal of summer village and town festivals in the region that go on non-stop throughout the entire summer months. Navarra absolutely loves its festivals and they are unbeatable – bull events included. When asked what his message to the wide world was, he says “Go to Spain. There is an incredible undiscovered culture of bulls and all the people…the people are amazing, the towns are epic and beautiful…you would not believe how beautiful these towns are..”. He is ready and inspired to begin writing his next novel, which will probably be called ‘The Dangerous Summer’. Looking forward to it. Bill, thanks for relaying to the world what a mind-boggling region we live in.
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