Movistar Visits Heart – short film

Once again Movistar and Heart work together to make history in San Fermin. For this year’s Fiesta 2017, we center our attention on Heart of Pamplona guests arriving to Pamplona for San Fermin a day early with time to spare to get some BETA on the Running of the Bulls. We give Loy, her husband Cris and their friends the opportunity to join us on a walking tour with a local runner who has been running since he was a teenager and has an enormous passion for the bull running tradtion; we speak with Juan Pedro Lekuona . It is the day before San Fermin commences so there is time to get some worthwhile advice, a tip or two on how to stay as safe as possible on the run and make the most of their San Fermin experience.

Photo taken by Juan Antonio Garaikoetxea

Cris, like some of the Heart of Pamplona guests, has come with the intention of running with the bulls, get that chance to tick it off his bucket list and feel the adrenaline and the raw danger and excitement ahead. Cris is following the footsteps of his father and intends to keep the tradtion alive. For those who want to stay safe on the run, Lekuona’s biggest piece of advice is “Don’t Run!” given that there is no safe place on the course. Lekuona mentions that it usually takes years to get a run on the horns, or to do it well. Running has turned into an art form for many.

All in all the walking tour and chat with the local runner, Juan Pedro Lekuona, was positive in that Cris became a little more informed of the dangers involved in running with the bulls and recieved a few tips on how to prepare for the run. On the 7th of July, the day Cebada Gago was on the course, Cris had an amazing run and got a memory of a lifetime.

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