Stylish Simplicity Calle Tejería, 7

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Stylish Simplicity is a classic Pamplona apartment dating back over two hundred years being constructed in 1800. Its age does not affect the standards of accommodation in any way, but quite the contrary, it adds charm of living in a historic city as well as a antique building, along with the usual high standards of Heart of Pamplona Apartments. Stylish Simplicity has hardwood floors and fine antiques create a delightful romantic flare. It has top of the line furniture, beds and mattresses. This apartment is a 3 minute walk to Plaza Castillo, which is the main square of Pamplona. Its greatest feature is its brightness, as it has 7 windows, 2 of which overlook (calle) Tejeria Street, which is just off (calle) Estafeta Street where the bulls run in San Fermín.



6 guests

2 bedrooms

1 bathroom


110 €/day for 4 guests (+ 15€ / guest thereafter)

680 €/week

From 550 €/ night in San Fermin

Special prices for Peregrinos / Pilgrims

Wifi connection

Towels and sheets

Breakfast included (during San Fermin)


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