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Study Abroad Programs

We assist universities, faculty members & professors in creating quality international academic study abroad programs.  Let us take care of the logistics from pre-trip planning to trip execution, allowing your facility to invest their time teaching students and conducting research. We understand how to implement innovative, academic-based programs that meet the needs of today’s university students. Universities are discovering the importance of adding multi-locational programs in their study abroad portfolio.  Programs in more than one location allow students to combine experiences, culture, and learning inside and outside the classroom and across borders. Multi-locational study abroad programs are a wonderful way to prepare students for a global career.

Offering in-depth resources all over Northern Spain, Heart assists University faculty members in creating unique, faculty-led programs around the world. All of our travels encompass deep cultural experiences, hands-on adventure, impact opportunities, and excellent cuisine – all necessary pieces of an amazing experience.

Living Navarra

Living in the heart of a European city is an exciting way to live an academic year  or semester abroad. Pamplona is especially interesting as it is a short distance from  both university campuses in Pamplona; the University of Navarra and the Public University of Navarre. Either on foot or by bike, commuting to the university is en enjoyable part of your living Navarra experience. The historical quarter has everything you need in terms of services. Let your routine be a very European one; read the newspaper at the corner café, buy fresh meat, vegetables and fruits at the open market, join the neighborhood gym, meet friends for lunch minutes from your door, visit the museums, enjoy live concerts and stroll the lively city with its rich social life .

 We are dedicated to providing groups with enriching cultural experiences that enhance lifelong learning while strengthening connections with colleagues.


Student Accommodation All Year Long


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 Fully Equipped apartment

Water, gas and electricity

Weekly cleaning

Wifi connection

City bikes

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