Ernest Hemingway in the North of Spain

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in the town of Oak Park (Illinois, United States), which at that time had a population similar to that of Pamplona. He soon discovered in journalism his vocation and his profession and, after working for several American newspapers, in 1921 he settled in Paris with his first wife Hadley Richardson as a correspondent for the Canadian newspaper “The Toronto Star”.

Hemingway was first encouraged to travel to Pamplona for the San Fermin celebrations by Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. These two women, who lived in Paris and had enveloped Hemingway and his wife Hadley into their circle of expatriate writers and artists, had been in Pamplona during the Fiesta the previous year. They felt it was essential for him, the keen observer of life and budding writer, to experience the fiesta for himself. He was smitten not only by the people, life and energy of the fiesta itself, but also by the mystery and drama of bull fighting. By contrast he also sought out the peace and pace of the neighboring countryside in Navarre, where he indulged in his passion for trout fishing, as well as his pleasure in associating with the honest rural farmers and artisans.

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Plaza Castillo, Pamplona postcard written by Ernest Hemingway in 1959

Ernest Hemingway became extremely fond of the north of Spain and shared our same values of enjoying life; Navarre and Basque good food and great company. In Pamplona, he found the friendship, the generosity, and the spontaneity of the San Fermin Festival. In the Irati Forest he found peace, in the Basque Country, he found pleasure in swimming in the expansive bay, and in Pamplona, the inspiration to write his great novel. From the first moment, he joined the San Fermin fiesta, this land captivated him, he forged friendships that he maintained all his life and was a place were he was inspired to write.

Hemingway came to Pamplona to celebrate San Fermin on 9 occasions. First in 1923, then in July 1924, he travelled to Pamplona from Paris where he was working as a correspondent for the Toronto Star Weekly. He returned to Pamplona for San Fermín, accompanied by several friends. On his second visit to San Fermin, he began to write the novel “The Sun Also Rises”, considered to be the first important work. As a result, his novel promoted not only San Fermín but also his fame in the whole world.

“It’s a shame that Van Gogh did not get to paint Navarre”.
Ernest Hemingway

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Northern Spain Travel – A Hemingway Paradise

Navarra – Hemingway’s Paradise

The natural surroundings, the communities, and the people of this region had a significant impact on the life and writing of Hemingway. From a very young age he had a love for adventure, travel and nature. In his youth and at the age of sixteen, Hemingway and a friend made a backpacking trip for a week, where they made a long hike between cities, fishing in rivers every day for their sustenance and sleeping along its banks every night.

Hemingway loved the outdoors and his preference for wild places over big cities, would continue throughout his life. In the forests and mountains he felt recalibrated, renewed, revived, and his dexterity with the reel only grew with time. Hemingway would escape the city of Pamplona during San Fermin after the bull run and find peace and tranquility in the Irati Forest and then be back in time for the bullfight.

“The things that please me are very simple things. Most of them seem to have to do with natural reflexes and co-ordination. Like things that happen so quickly in trout-fishing, correcting a cast already started in the hundredth part of a second in the air. When I was a kid every time I would do that I would be pleased.”

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We walk through the Pyrenees following the footsteps of Hemingway

Hemingway Tours in the North of Spain

Northern Spain Travel offers Hemingway tours and cycling adventures into Navarre, La Rioja and the Basque Country. Its focus is to engender your enthusiasm and curiosity for the history, culture, gastronomy, and landscapes of the fascinating and beautiful areas of northern Spain. Their Hemingway Tour to the Navarre Pyrenees is a delightful walking tour to discover the region as we follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. It is a day trip which includes visits to places enjoyed by Hemingway as well as gastronomic experiences related to his life and work.

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway loved places with tastes and identities of their own? Through his books, letters, and articles, he instills in us the idea that the world is a very fascinating place and that we should venture out there and discover it for ourselves. In Navarre, he found an unexpected land that bedazzled him. His traveller spirit takes us into a variety of landscapes, where we try regional dishes and exquisite foods and wines of Navarre, like the local Latxa sheep cheese, trout Navarre style and Txistorra.


Northern Spain Travel

Delight in the magical Navarre of landscapes, people and places that Hemingway loved

Day trip into the Navarre Pyrenees – Pamplona – Aribe – Orbaizeta – Burguete

Following his footsteps, the Hemingway Tours of Northern Spain Travel take us to different iconic places in Northern Spain. On this occasion, we are off to the Navarre Pyrenees. Walk along the banks of the Irati River, where he loved fishing, retrace his steps to the town of Aribe and enjoy local foods and Navarre wine, visit the surroundings of the town of Orbaizeta, and the heart of the Selva de Irati Forest, and visit the town of Burguete, where he used to stay. We have a sit down lunch, Hemingway style. This is a walking tour for which sturdy footwear is recommended. However, if there are non-walkers in the group they are welcome to stay on the bus which will take them directly to the town of Aribe. Please note that the weather can be changeable so dress accordingly.

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