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Our San Fermín Hemingway Exclusive

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime to Northern Spain?
We design packages that entice your curiosity, open your eyes to diverse cultures, give you the opportunity to savour the rich gastronomy of the region, and take you to spellbinding places, with breathtaking landscapes. Our San Fermin Hemingway Exclusive is just […]

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New Year’s Bucket List Special – San Fermin 2019 Packages and much more!

Planning the Summer 2019
Begin the New Year right
Happy New Year !! Begin the New Year right by joining us this July in Pamplona for a San Fermin 2019 out of the box experience!! We offer unique San Fermin experiences for couples, families and friends that include balcony events, mind-blowing cultural encounters, culinary adventures to gastronomic hotpots. […]

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Classic Hemingway Route by Northern Spain Travel

Classic Hemingway Route following the footsteps of Hemingway
Our Hemingway excursion is a delightful walking tour to discover the Navarran Pyrenees as we follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. It is a day trip which includes visits to places enjoyed by Hemingway as well as gastronomic experiences related to his life and work.
We meet in […]

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Classic Hemingway walking tour in Northern Spain

Ernest Hemingway in the North of Spain
Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in the town of Oak Park (Illinois, United States), which at that time had a population similar to that of Pamplona. He soon discovered in journalism his vocation and his profession and, after working for several American newspapers, in 1921 […]

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Business Jet Traveller Magazine – Spain’s Navarra Province

Business Jet Traveller Magazine – has recently published an article on Spain’s Navarre Province which featured Northern Spain Travel and accommodation in Heart of Pamplona Apartments.  The travel writers, Mark Eveleigh, his daughter Lucia and travel writer Narina Exelby came back to Pamplona – what has been Mark’s home base for many years in […]

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Hemingway In Northern Spain

The Hemingway Traveler Magazine & Heming-way Road Trip Tour
Thursday August 23, 2018

The government of Gipuzkoa hosted an event in San Sebastian, attended by Harkaitz Millán, Edurne Varga, director of Hotel Avenida, director of Basquetour, writers Javier Muñoz and Edorta Jimenez and the travel agency Northern Spain Travel represented by owner Stephanie Mutsaerts, at which the free magazine ‘Hemingway Traveler’ […]

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Museo de Sanfermemorias

San Fermin is already behind us – almost a month ago we were on our way to the Opening Ceremony in Plaza Consistorial  with Champagne in hand, among friends and family to live one of my favorite days of the year. Goose bumps and waves of white and red and the roaring crowds in festive glory. […]

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ESCALERA 4 – Bullevard of Woken Dreams

Estafeta…Adoquines de Oro
Tim Pinks is writing a monthly column for the Diario de Noticias on the San Fermin Escalera and this is his third article that he has kindly passed on to me in English, and once again, thank you Tim  Pinks for sharing your splendid article with us. We are already looking forward to your May. […]

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Peñastonishing and Pandepeñamonium
Tim Pinks is writing a monthly column for the Diario de Noticias on the San Fermin Escalera and this is his third article that he has kindly passed on to me in English. Great job Tim. We are already looking forward to your April. YFM!!
The third of the third…now the rollercoaster ride that […]

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A Happy City
By Tim Pinks 
A friend of Heart of Pamplona and Northern Spain Travel, Tim Pinks gives us the pleasure of number 2 article in a series called SF 2018 Escalera which was written for the Diario de Noticias and came out on February 2nd, 2018.
I have never known either a place or an event where the laughs […]

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