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Peñastonishing and Pandepeñamonium
Tim Pinks is writing a monthly column for the Diario de Noticias on the San Fermin Escalera and this is his third article that he has kindly passed on to me in English. Great job Tim. We are already looking forward to your April. YFM!!
The third of the third…now the rollercoaster ride that […]

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A Happy City
By Tim Pinks 
A friend of Heart of Pamplona and Northern Spain Travel, Tim Pinks gives us the pleasure of number 2 article in a series called SF 2018 Escalera which was written for the Diario de Noticias and came out on February 2nd, 2018.
I have never known either a place or an event where the laughs […]

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San Fermin Running of the Bulls Best Choice Balconies

San Fermin Running of the Bulls
Whether you have already been to Pamplona’s San Fermin summer festival in July or not, you have probably heard about its highlight event where brave runners test their agility by running ahead of a herd of mighty bulls stampeding along a set course through the streets of central Pamplona, Navarra, […]

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Sobre Escaleras y Iruñasacas
By Tim Pinks (This article was written for the Diario de Noticias and came out on January 10th, 2018)
Happy New Year, Urte Berri On eta Feliz Año Nuevo, Navarrans.
Only in Pamplona can you combine the biggest party of Christmastime – New Year’s Eve – with the first big party of […]

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The Dangers of Being Gored in San Fermin

Bill Hillmann’s Healthcare Odyssey
Bill Hillmann, a long-time international runner of the Running of the Bulls, recently wrote an article in the online magazine VICE giving us an account of his “healthcare odyssey” on three continents after being gored in San Fermin 2017. His adventure begins on the cobblestones of Pamplona, Navarra where he is gored by a Jose Escolar […]

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Get Lost Magazine visits Heart

©Mark Eveleigh, 2017

Pamplona is famous for the one week of the year that it becomes the hell-raising capital of
the world. For the other 51 weeks this ancient city is almost unknown to outsiders. Pamplona
veteran Mark Eveleigh returns to the Kingdom of Navarra to discover Spain’s best kept





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Movistar Visits Heart

Movistar Visits Heart – short film
Once again Movistar and Heart work together to make history in San Fermin. For this year’s Fiesta 2017, we center our attention on Heart of Pamplona guests arriving to Pamplona for San Fermin a day early with time to spare to get some BETA on the Running of the Bulls. We give Loy, […]

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Forbes Visits Heart for the Running of the Bulls

An Insider’s View Of The Running Of The Bulls In Pamplona, Spain
It’s the last day for the running of the bulls during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain — which means sleep is on the horizon for Stephanie Mutsaerts, founder of Heart of Pamplona. This new Pamplona-based company will make you feel like a local during the […]

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Interactive Admission to Spain’s Greatest Party!


Interactive Admission to Spain’s Greatest Party!
This San Fermin  Heart of Pamplona is taking part in a documentary with the photojournalist and interactive story-teller Neal Waters and his team of journalists, cameras and technicians. Neal Waters, who first read Hemingway’s book many years ago and was fascinated by his tales of chaos that is the Fiesta. […]

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Once Upon A Time In Pamplona

Tom Pinks’ own Fiesta Recipe

Photo by Rodrigo De Medeiros
Describing San Fermin becomes complex when you want to transmit the many layers of meaning and emotions that this festival, this amazing fiesta gives us. Tim Pinks, author of Bulls Eye and Once Upon a Time In Pamplona, gives us his….Pamplona’s Fiesta of San Fermin.
There is an avalanche of […]

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