Meet the Team


Steph Mutsaerts

Stephanie Mutsaerts – The founder and heart of Heart of Pamplona & the travel agency dedicated to VIP Experiences in the North of Spain

Stephanie, the dynamo of our organization, is a Canadian who has fallen in love with Navarra. She is enterprising, innovative and has an endless amount of energy to design a unique, as well as outstanding product, making her passion her profession.  She has the firm conviction that until the product standards are exceptional, they should not be offered.

“Our goals are two; one is to bedazzle our visitors and another is to share with them what we find so extremely enchanting about this region of Spain”.

Iñaki Astiz

Iñaki Astiz – Our Adventure Travel Expert

Iñaki is our sporty, angelic, adventure guide. He has the uncanny ability of understanding his tour group, and thus ensuring that the tour is tailored to every guests potential and wishes.  Our multifaceted sportsman takes guests mountain biking, and road biking, and we love the element of fun and adventure he adds to our tours.

“This is an amazing region with an immense diversity of landscapes, where the possibilities are endless”.

Alfonso Bermejo

Alfonso Bermejo – Our Traditions and Culture Expert 

Alfonso is our cultural events and traditions specialist. He seeks out the most unusual and interesting aspects of life in Spain, thus capturing its essence. With Alfonso the relevance of mythical characters, sheepskins, conical hats with ribbons, villagers dressed up as demons, witches, and giants suddenly make sense.

“The people in Navarra love their traditions, some of which are over a thousand years old, and have been venerated, protected and preserved throughout the ages”.

Danny Imizcoz

Danny Imizcoz – Our San Fermin Events Organizer

Danny is our public relations ambassador of Pamplona. He is an expert and organizer of events in Navarra. We are dedicated to designing events a guest would expect to experience, like a VIP San Fermin balcony event, or a walking tour of the Running of the Bulls course with an international runner, as well as destinations and activities off the beaten cultural track.

 “This is our essential hallmark that sets us apart from any other events group”.

Julia Senosiain

Julia Senosiain – Our All-in-One Perfect Host

Julia’s English is so impeccable that you would never know she was from Pamplona. She manages to juggle what no one can and is always up for a challenge. Heart of Pamplona would not be what it is without her!

“I’m the city slicker in this team; discovering new hidden places to surprise and delight is my mission”. 

Oliver Blázquez

Oliver Blázquez – Our Gallant Guide

Oliver has it all; charm, conversation and more knowledge than anyone about Pamplona. He fits in absolutely everywhere and can charm the pants off any guests that have the pleasure of meeting him! He is another avid sportsman and brings into our group refreshing energy and vitality.

“Come on over to Pamplona, so we can show you around!”.

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